Long t-shirt

34 €
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  • Article: #042
  • Garment height: 80 см
  • Model's height: 184 cм
  • Composition: cotton 95%, elastane 5%
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MODEL: T-shirt with a timely and concise design is the basic model of the wardrobe of any modern young man. Slightly elongated sleeves draw attention to the reliefs of the man’s body and provide it with due attention. Adjacent silhouette also plays an important role in this process. To change the appearance of the t-shirt, you only need to tuck the sleeves a bit, it all depends on your own mood and plans for the evening. Shallow neckline gives a sense of security.
Black color is a symbol of secrecy and secret knowledge. It allows to hide emotions and inner experiences from others, gives its owner a force to defend their own position. It is used to strengthen the spirit and accumulate vital energy. Black color also symbolizes the supreme secret of the universe.

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