Long black cardigan

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MODEL: Long black cardigan made from jersey which is pleasant to the body. Made on the basis of hoodie, the cut it both welcoming and functional and it allows the product to sit perfectly on any figure. Long sleeves will keep the hands warm, large hood will shelter from the rain. The model has deep pockets. Vertical and symmetrical lines in the cut add balance and harmony. Comfortable belt emphasizes the waist.

COLOR: Black color is a symbol of self-control, a symbol of isolation from external influences, it allows you to maintain emotional balance and protects against emotional outflows. This color is a preference of creative people, the thought process of which is constantly in search of new ideas and inspiration. It allows focusing on one’s emotions, giving fertile ground for amazing creative discoveries.

DECOR: Decor as blue edging corresponding to the blue chakra is on the inner side of the collar, which is responsible for creativity and improving communication.

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