Cardigan with strings

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  • Article: head7black
  • Garment height: 66 см
  • Model's height: 179 см
  • Composition: cotton 100%
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MODEL: Black jersey cardigan with three strings. Thanks to tucks it fits well on any figure. Its cut is both cozy and functional. Proof of this is the ability to play with zipper laces the way you want.  This allows you to choose the degree of fit to the body of the cardigan. There are convenient pockets on the side seams. Long sleeves keep the hands warm and create a sense of security. Large hood will protect in the rain.

COLOUR: Black color is a symbol of secrecy and secret knowledge. It allows to hide emotions and inner experiences from others, gives its owner a force to defend their own position. It is used to strengthen the spirit and accumulate vital energy. Black color also symbolizes the supreme secret of the universe.

DECOR: Decor as blue edging corresponding to the blue chakra is on the inner side of the collar, which is responsible for creativity and improving communication.

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