Asymmetrical undershirt

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  • Article: #001
  • Garment height: 66 см
  • Model's height: 179 см
  • Composition: cotton 100%
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MODEL: The main principle of this model is the asymmetry. It is everywhere: in different width straps and an uneven bottom edge, and in a beveled side seam. Thanks to the tucks, the undershirt perfectly fits the body. Its unusual design will bring a casual and memorable note into an everyday look, because the asymmetry in clothing is not only a trend, which retains its position for many years, but also an effective way to give a sense of originality, to express the vivid personality of the owner and the unpredictability of his thinking.

COLOR: Black color is a symbol of the night, a time when we renew the shortage of energy through sleep, gain new strength to wake up in the morning with joy and awe before the miracle of a new day.


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