Mariashi clothes are created at our own production facilities in Moscow. The customer can choose any models which he or she likes and place an order online. We produce items that are ordered by our clients in standard sizes provided in the size chart, or by individual measures within a very short time. Then ship the orders to different countries.


Creative director of  the brand  

Shishkina Maria  


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We select natural fabrics of excellent quality for our clothing. The caring hands of our tailors create samples of new products under the direct supervision of the designer, carefully and painstakingly, paying attention to every seam, every detail.

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Then completed items go from the workshop to the studio, where make-up artists and stylists, models and photographers take over. They put all their creativity to show our clothes to customers from all sides, clear and beautiful.

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We update the assortment a few times a month, so customers can always find something new.
We produce all of our clothes in limited edition, not more than 30-50 units of each model, fashionable, original, always something special. After all, our goal is to help the client to express their individuality. So we try to minimize the opportunity to meet the “twin” in MARIASHI clothing (only if you are not from the same party :)

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But among these special clothes there are some which are completely unique. These go out into the world in 10, 5, 3, or even one. Every piece even has its own serial number. These are clothes from the Limited Edition series. And, despite the uniqueness, the prices of these models are more than affordable.
Just imagine that you are the owner of the only item in the world!

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