Feel by the soul, and not to try to understand with the head


There are things that I know nothing about and I’m not afraid to admit it. But I know for sure that there are things that fascinate me, and I without them can't even afford to live. They are a human and nature, street styles, textures. Beautiful is not just freshly painted wall, beautiful is when nature had put a hand to it and it's not so perfect. At that moment is very difficult not to notice it and just walk away. There’s a huge will to look in detail inch by inch.

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I love using texture in my paintings. When it's good, you don’t just want just to look at the picture, but you also want to touch it. This is something else, there is some closeness in this moment.

Everything is already around us. It is important to learn to see, structure a bit and enjoy.

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New York gave me a lot. Eyes are dazzled – there’s so much placed on the streets. You can see all the social layers - expensive boutiques coexist with walls with graffiti and without graffiti, but with amazing textures.

In St. Petersburg I live in a very beautiful old house, at some point it was vinous or pink, I’m not exactly sure, but time colored it into a magnificent color. I’m extremely afraid to wake up one day and find out that someone wants to re-paint it. It would be a tragedy for me because I feel that it’s the same thing as killing a work of art.

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We usually run down the streets instead of walking. Loads of information surrounds us, there are so many factors that distract us, and sometimes we simply forget about ourselves and about what’s inside. I’m asking you, please, just stop, listen, look around.

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It is important to learn to walk a bit slower, instead of running. To watch more and to view closely. You don’t have to run to a museum to see something really interesting. Everything is around us. We just run too fast and don’t think about what really matters. Because of this we forget about that, and, perhaps we simply never knew about it.

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It would be great to create something that is useful. To learn to use all our experience, to put it all together into something. I think it’s important. And what’s more, for me it’s fundamental. Otherwise, everything that we – artists, designers and others – do would be useless, insensitive and false.


Margarita Semerikova (MAØRIMAØRI_CULT)


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