Christmas Collection


Again salads, gifts and the traditional - what to wear? There’s almost no time left for preparation!
In Mariashi we try to solve the main problem of the festive look in our Christmas collection.

Be warned in advance - no glitter, no rhinestones, no illusions, no dust in the eyes of others. Christmas collection allows you to be yourself even in the fabulous and magical night of the year.

All within the framework of our concept: the brightest color - red, most unusual texture - velvet, traditional geometric forms and recognizable elements - laces and ties. Simple and easy silhouettes, natural fabrics – everything for your comfort and convenience in the New Year’s Eve.

Shoes from Void Shoes

Accessories from Monoblood

Worked during the shoot:
Model: Natasha Lookmodels
Photographer: Гриша Галантный
MUA: Liza May
Style: Maria Shishkina


PD12B6758_a__1_.jpg PD12B6758_a__2_.jpg PD12B6758_a__3_.jpg PD12B6758_a__4_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__5_.jpg PD12B6758_a__6_.jpg PD12B6758_a__7_.jpg PD12B6758_a__8_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__9_.jpg PD12B6758_a__10_.jpg PD12B6758_a__11_.jpg PD12B6758_a__12_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__13_.jpg PD12B6758_a__14_.jpg PD12B6758_a__15_.jpg PD12B6758_a__16_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__17_.jpg PD12B6758_a__18_.jpg PD12B6758_a__19_.jpg PD12B6758_a__20_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__21_.jpg PD12B6758_a__22_.jpg PD12B6758_a__23_.jpg PD12B6758_a__24_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__25_.jpg PD12B6758_a__26_.jpg PD12B6758_a__27_.jpg PD12B6758_a__28_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__29_.jpg PD12B6758_a__30_.jpg PD12B6758_a__31_.jpg PD12B6758_a__32_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__33_.jpg PD12B6758_a__34_.jpg PD12B6758_a__35_.jpg PD12B6758_a__36_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__37_.jpg PD12B6758_a__38_.jpg PD12B6758_a__39_.jpg PD12B6758_a__40_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__41_.jpg PD12B6758_a__42_.jpg PD12B6758_a__43_.jpg PD12B6758_a__44_.jpg
PD12B6758_a__45_.jpg PD12B6758_a__46_.jpg PD2B7412_a.jpg PD2B7337_a.jpg